Terms of Service

Terms of Service



1.1. These Terms and Conditions of Use, together with the Legal Notice and Privacy Policy made available on this website must be read and accepted during the registration process, and contain the general conditions of use of the website and, consequently, all the rights and obligations which correspond to you as a user of the service and the binding regulation of the relation between KryptoGator.com, as owner of the website and provider of the Service, and you the User, as beneficiary of the service provided through the https://KryptoGator.com website (hereinafter, Kryptogator/KG or the website).



2.1. KryptoGator is a website that offers the User the chance to obtain tokens (named as ALY, aly tokens, FREEG etc).Tokens are obtained by accessing, viewing, reading, completing and in general, interacting with content and/or brand advertising tools and/or third parties available through the website. Tokens can be exchanged for various physical and/or virtual products in accordance with the current ‘Withdraw’ page published on the website, which shall indicate the date from which it is valid.

2.2. KryptoGator is a website that offers the User the chance to create own app (faucet,slwall,gpt,sitelist or blog).

2.3. Hereafter, the functionality of the website shall be called the Service.

2.4. Access to the website and the use of it under the terms set forth in the present terms and conditions of use is free. Where any uses and/or activities of the website are not free, KryptoGator.com shall give prior, visible notice of the price of the activity and the corresponding payment method.



3.1. To access the Service, you must register through the registration page of the Service and complete the corresponding digital form.

3.2. The collection and processing of the User’s personal data and the use of rights to the data shall be governed by the provisions of the Legal Notice and Terms and Conditions of Use and by the Privacy Policy KryptoGator.com has made available to the User through links contained in these Terms and Conditions of Use and, at all times, on the website.



4.1. By registering to use the Service, the User expressly agrees that the Service is provided solely for his/her personal use and may not be used for economic or commercial purposes without prior written authorisation from KryptoGator.com. Moreover, no individual user may have more than one account for accessing the Service. Should such a case arise, KryptoGator.com reserves the right to cancel these accounts and cancel any corresponding TOKENS accumulated.

4.2. Commercial entities, except as expressly provided for under these Terms and Conditions of Use, are prohibited from registering with and/or using the Service. Similarly, the Service may not be used by private individuals who, either on behalf of commercial entities or for professional reasons, intend to use the Service for commercial, advertising, promotional purposes or for any other financially motivated activity.

4.3. The Service may only be accessed by persons over fourteen (14) years old. Therefore, by accepting these Terms and Conditions of Use, you guarantee that you are not under fourteen (14) years old, and accept full responsibility for this statement.




5.1. The website offers the User, directly or by link, a diverse variety of contents –including but not limited to-, banners, photographs, images, videos, written texts, advertisements, questionnaires, applications and/or tools, games, etc. (hereinafter the Contents) which have the general purpose of advertising or promotion and have been generated by and/or for the benefit of third-parties, and are not the property of KryptoGator.com.

5.2. KryptoGator.com declares and the User acknowledges that KryptoGator.com acts solely as an intermediary with respect to the Contents which, directly or by link, are available through the website owned by KryptoGator.com. The Contents have been developed, managed and provided by third parties, who are solely responsible for them.

5.3. Access to certain Contents may be restricted by the respective owners for certain users, such as minors or those who do not meet certain criteria (e.g. residents of countries other than those in which the content is offered). KryptoGator.com shall simply comply with the contractual instructions set forth by the owners of the Contents.

5.4. Therefore, KryptoGator.com only offers the User access to the Contents, whether directly through the website or indirectly through a link that redirects the user to the third-party website or other platform, belonging either to the advertiser or another intermediary party.

5.5. When the User accesses a third-party website or other platform, KryptoGator.com shall not be responsible for the content thereon nor for any actions that the User may take. Similarly, KryptoGator.com shall not be responsible for data that users provide to the owners of the third-party websites or platforms nor for the rights and obligations of the User thereof –as dictated by the corresponding Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Legal Notice-. Nor shall KryptoGator.com be held responsible in any way for the use that the User makes of the website.


5.6. Accessing, viewing, reading, completing, gaming or any other activities described on the website with respect to each of the Contents shall earn the User TOKENS, as detailed in the TOKENS Catalogue which KryptoGator.com makes available to the Users at all times on the website and which is always visible and with the date of the latest edition.

5.7. Contents credit or may credit different amounts of TOKENS to the User according to the criteria, materials, objectives, time spent or any other factor, as described in the TOKENS Catalogue.

5.8. The TOKENS Catalogue may be updated at any time by KryptoGator.com. The current version shall at all times be that published on the website and shall be valid from the date of the latest update. However, KryptoGator.com undertakes to provide sufficient information through the website on any amendments to the TOKENS Catalogue.

5.9. TOKENS shall, in general, be automatically credited to the User’s account through the My Account section of the website which the User can access at any time. Nevertheless, KryptoGator.com shall have a period of 48 hours from when the User performs the action that generates the TOKENS to them being credited to the User’s account.

5.10 Any User who does not agree with the balance of TOKENS published in the My Account area of the website, must notify KryptoGator.com no later than thirty (30) calendar days after the action that generates the TOKENS in question. After this period, the balance shall be presumed correct and the User may no longer request a correction to the balance.


5.11. KryptoGator.com shall make a withdraw page -called “withdrawal”- available to the User at all times on the website, which shall expressly and adequately detail the options for withdraw TOKENS and the amount of TOKENS required in each case and, where necessary, any further conditions for a withdraw, such as the address and method of withdraw, time limits, etc.

5.12. KryptoGator.com declares that the withdraw options for Users are made available to KryptoGator.com by third-party suppliers. Therefore, the exchange of TOKENS for gifts/prizes/virtual curency etc is entirely subject to the third parties making the prizes available. As such, KryptoGator.com shall not be responsible for the inability to exchange TOKENS for a specific gifts/prizes/virtual curency etc in Withdraw page due to its unavailability, nor shall the User be indemnified or entitled to compensation in cash. Nevertheless, KryptoGator.com shall endeavour, to the extent possible, to replace those products or services which are not available with other similar goods or services and which represent a similar cost for KryptoGator.com.

5.13. The User may therefore exchange the corresponding amount of TOKENS for the gifts/prizes/virtual curency etc listed in the Withdraw page, provided they are available as set forth in Section

5.12. The User may do so from the moment in which the TOKENS have been activated in the User’s Account, as available and accessible on the website through the “My Account” section.

5.14. TOKENS shall under no circumstances be refundable or redeemable for real money or for any other prizes or goods that are not in the Withdraw Page at the time that the User exchanges TOKENS, even if the User wishes to close the Account.

5.15. TOKENS accumulated in the personal account of the User may only be exchanged by the User in accordance with the present Terms and Conditions of Use and the terms set out by KryptoGator.com on the website.

5.16. TOKENS are personal and non-transferable and under no circumstances may they be given or sold to a third party, regardless of whether the third party is a User of the website. Notwithstanding the above, in the event of the death of the User, the TOKENS may be transmitted as part of any inheritance in accordance with applicable legislation. Similarly, in cases of separation or divorce, applicable legislation shall apply.



6.1. The User is entitled to access the gifts/prizes/virtual curency etc which may be offered on the Withdraw page in exchange for TOKENS, in accordance with the current TOKENS withdraw page in force at the time, in the former case, at the time of the action that resulted in the credited TOKENS and, in the latter case, at the time of exchanging the TOKENS – and to exchange TOKENS for gifts/prizes under the terms set out in Clause Five above.

6.2. The User shall be entitled to request a review of the TOKENS credited to the User’s Account under the terms and within the deadlines established in Clause 5.10 above.

6.3. The User shall be entitled to inform KryptoGator.com of the existence of any inappropriate or unlawful content and to request that it be removed from the website, provided there is justification for such a request. KryptoGator.com may accept or dismiss the request, although it shall in any event be obliged to respond.

6.4. By accessing the Service the User is obliged to use it properly and in accordance with the present Terms and Conditions of Use, the Legal Notice and the Privacy Policy as well as with applicable national or international legislation and as well as with the principles of good faith, morality and public order and with the undertaking to abide by any additional instructions from KryptoGator.com in relation to the use and access of the website.

6.5. KryptoGator.com reserves the right to cancel an Account when no activity is recorded during a period of ninety (90) days or more, and after informing the account holder with at least twenty (20) days advance notice. In such a case, the User shall have a period of fifteen (15) days from the notification to redeem the TOKENS. Once this period has elapsed without the TOKENS having been exchanged, the User shall no longer be entitled to redeem the TOKENS.

6.6. Similarly, KryptoGator.com reserves the right to take all measures set forth in Clause 8 herein in the event of misuse of the website and, in general, in the event of a breach of the obligations contained in the present Terms and Conditions of Use.



7.1. In general terms, KryptoGator.com’s legal responsibility and liability is governed by the corresponding clause in the Legal Notice.

7.2. Notwithstanding the above, with respect to the provision of the gifts/prizes/virtual curency etc, KryptoGator.com acts solely as an agent and/or intermediary for a third party. These third-party companies shall be identified accordingly in the withdraw page in the ‘My Store’ section.

7.3. Consequently, KryptoGator.com shall only be held responsible for damages or losses arising from the failure to meet the terms of an offer by suppliers (or any part thereof) where such damages are due to KryptoGator.com’s negligence or wilful misconduct. In all other cases, the User acknowledges that the responsibility corresponds to the third-party supplier, holding KryptoGator.com harmless from all liability and expressly waiving any claims or judicial or extrajudicial actions against KryptoGator.com for circumstances other than those of its negligence or wilful misconduct.

7.4. Where KryptoGator.com may be held liable as a result of the company’s negligent or criminal activity, such liability shall be limited to:
The amount in cash equal to the value of the gifts/prizes/virtual curency etc acquired by the User.
The return of the TOKENS exchanged by the User for the corresponding gift/prize/virtual curency etc.

7.5. Under no circumstances shall KryptoGator.com be liable for loss of potential income or other direct or indirect damages that the User may suffer.

7.6. Similarly, KryptoGator.com shall not be liable for any losses or damages incurred by the User after having been redirected to another web page or third-party platform and in relation to the contents of said web page or platform. In such cases, the owner of the web page, platform and/or support shall be solely responsible for any incident that may occur from the time the User accesses it.

7.7. KryptoGator.com shall not be held liable in any way in cases where the User has made inappropriate use of the website in accordance with the terms contained in Clause Eight below.

7.8. Any corresponding fiscal liabilities relating to the gifts/prizes/virtual curency etc or related services shall be borne by the corresponding party in accordance with applicable law.



8.1. Any use of the website or TOKENS contrary to the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Service or the Legal Notice will be considered a misuse of the service and consequently a breach of contract by the User.

8.2. In such cases, KryptoGator.com reserves the right to provisionally delete, cancel, withdraw, suspend or block, immediately and without prior notice, the User Account. It may also decide not to allow the TOKENS to be redeemed for gifts/prizes/virtual curency. Similarly, in such cases, KryptoGator.com reserves the right to refuse and/or cancel any reservations or exchanges made in the User’s name, and cancel any TOKENS remaining in the User’s Account or that have been credited to the User.



9.1. KryptoGator.com reserves the right to modify, alter or replace, at any time, the present Terms and Conditions of Use of the Service. It also reserves the right to withdraw, modify or extend at any time the TOKENS Catalogue and/or Awards Catalogue, as well as the conditions of operation of the Service, including the methods for obtaining and exchanging TOKENS. KryptoGator.com may also add any requirement or restrictions regarding the procedures contained in the present Terms and Conditions, and increase or decrease the number of TOKENS obtained with each action or that are necessary to obtain any prize.

9.2. Notwithstanding the above, these changes shall be posted on the website by means of updates to the present Terms and Conditions or TOKENS and Withdraw page and shall take effect from the moment in which the update occurs, and wherever possible, shall be notified by KryptoGator.com on the website as visibly as reasonably possible.



10.1. KryptoGator.com is the sole holder or grantee of -or holds the necessary licenses and/or authorizations to exploit- the intellectual and/or industrial property rights for the website and all its content (including but not limited to photographs, videos, documents, texts, virtual materials and/or audiovisuals, graphics, drawings, designs, etc.), as well as trademarks, logos, brand names or any distinguishing signs or symbols, software, applications, utility models or databases that are or have been part of it at some time.

10.2. Under no circumstances shall the access and use of the website constitute the waiver, license, full or partial transfer or license of any kind for the use, reproduction, publication, dissemination, disclosure and/or processing of the website or its contents, nor of the corresponding intellectual and/or industrial property rights.

10.3. Similarly, it is not authorized in any way to modify, copy, reuse, exploit, reproduce, publicly broadcast, republish, upload files, email, transfer, use, process or disseminate in any way all or part of the contents on the website without the express written permission of KryptoGator.com or where applicable, the holder of the corresponding rights.



11.1. The User expressly agrees and acknowledges that he/she is fully aware of and understands all the contents of these Terms and Conditions of Use and that, knowing and understanding them, expressly accepts them without exclusion or limitation of liability.

11.1. The User expressly agrees and acknowledges that he/she is fully aware of and understands all the contents of these Terms and Conditions of Use and that, knowing and understanding them, expressly accepts them without exclusion or limitation of liability.



12.1. The Terms and Conditions of Use constitute the complete and exclusive agreement between KryptoGator.com and the User in relation to the Service and supersede, broaden and replace any prior agreement entered into between the parties relating to the Service.

12.2. Moreover, the User shall also be subject to the additional terms and conditions indicated herein and in the Legal Notice and Privacy Policy and published visibly on the website. As such, acceptance of the present terms is expressly acknowledged by both Parties as implying the acceptance of those additional terms. To this effect, purely for information purposes, these terms include those of the latest, current versions of the TOKENS and Withdraw at any given time.

12.3. The present Terms and Conditions are to be applied in full, however, should any one of the terms herein be null or void, all remaining terms shall remain in full force and effect for the relationship between KryptoGator.com and the User.

12.4. The Terms and Conditions of Use have been published in several languages and each copy is equally valid and authentic. However, should any doubt, claim or dispute arise over the execution or implementation of the contract, the Spanish version shall be the only one taken into consideration.

12.5. Unless otherwise established in the present Terms and Conditions of Use, all lists, details, specific cases or items are cited merely as examples and are not exhaustive. Specific cases are included within generic areas as examples only and are similarly not exhaustive.



13.1. The User may contact or notify the company via email or postal mail to the address contained in Clause 1 of the Legal Notice. However, to guarantee the sending and, where necessary, receipt of notifications, any means of communication that verifies the completeness of content and its receipt shall be adequate.

13.2. KryptoGator.com may also contact or notify the User using the email address provided during the registration process, and the User is entirely responsible for the accuracy or correctness of the email address provided. As such, and in using the aforementioned address, KryptoGator.com shall have complied with any obligation to notify.