Data use

How use and process your data


What personal data do we collect?

Email Address, Username and Password : are collected at the point of signup when you create an account. As far as Personal Data is concerned, these 3 are the most "personal" pieces of data that we collect from you. These are required to be collected in order to allow you to operate your account on our website.

Internet Protocol Address (IP) : Your IP address is a piece of Personal Data which, when combined with the correct authority and access to your Internet Service Provider, can be used as an identifiable piece of data. Oh, but do not worry! We don't have the authority to request such data from your ISP, but we are obligated to let you know that we collect it. Most actions that you perform on our website will result in us logging the IP address that performed the action.


What other non-identifiable data do we collect?

Other than Personal Data, we collect some non-identifiable data either directly from you or generated by other data that is provided by you or your actions on our partner's sites.

- Usage history from services rendered
- Externally recieved payouts on your account as a response from using faucets or apps
- Cryptocurrency wallet addresses
- Details about your web browser such as User Agent and compressed collection of active features and other local settings and plugins


Is any of my data being sold?

Absolutely not, and we don't ever plan to do it! However some data are public like your username, along with non-identifiable information and generated statistics about your app activity on our platform


How do you use the data that's collected?

Providing Services : The main use of the data we collect from you is to provide you with the service that you request. Each time you perform an action or request a page from our website, this results in the processing of your personal and non-identifiable data and personalisation of your user experience. Often these products will require further non-personal data to be entered into them to allow them to function. This can result in the generatation of subset data which is linked to your account and stored for as long as required to continue operating and providing the services. Based on your activity we may automatically personalise and tailor your user experience.

Communication : We only use your email address for communication, and mostly for service-specific events such as confirming a withdraw, resetting your password, logging in via Two-Factor Authentication, or submitting a support ticket. Almost all of these emails will be personalised for your viewing. We do not spam and at this time do not send out any marketing materials or newsletters. We'll be sure to get you to opt-in to any such content if we decide to introduce it in the future.

Anti-Fraud : Your IP address, browser data, activity, username, email address and wallet addresses may be used as part of our Anti-Fraud system for attempting to link multiple accounts together and detect behaviours which we believe to be fraudulant in nature.

Advertisement : At this time, we do not use any of your data, personal or non-identifiable, for use with personalling Advertisements. All advertising content is selected by the 3rd party advertisement companies at their own discretion and under their own ruleset.

Internal Business Operation : As part of running the website we use your data to develop analytical events, historical logs of activity, and pending and processed requests related to the services we offer. This data is collected and processed and is required for us to properly operate the website, make informed and useful decisions for the future growth of the website, and to ensure the safety and security of the website and it's content and collected data.

Improvement of services : We use generated analytics and historical logs for the purpose of assessing and improving the functionality, security, performance and user experience for the various services we offer. For example we look at automatically generated error reports for the purpose of resolving bugs in the software, and we aggregate Support Ticket topics to find out the most requested areas for changes or improvements.