Bitcoin – an increasingly desirable asset as it becomes rarer
Bitcoin – an increasingly desirable asset as it becomes rarer

After the unexpected increase at the end of 2017, at almost $ 20,000 in the value of a bitcoin, there was a real frenzy regarding it, more and more people want to invest in this cryptocurrency with some special features compared to fiat. Admittedly, the result was its sharp and rapid devaluation, now at a rate well below half compared to April.


Things you didn’t know about Ethereum
Things you didn’t know about Ethereum

You may have heard of Ethereum before and wondered what it is. It is a type of cryptocurrency platform that has been developed since 2013. The Ethereum platform is “open source”, so it is available to the public. It is based on the “blockchain” method and differs from Bitcoin in several aspects, such as block generation time, economic model, payment methods. In Ethereum, new blocks appear in 14-15 seconds, while in the Bitcoin ...


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Demand for Crypto Soars: Bitcoin Funds Break Records, Goldman Sachs Wants In

Investors are increasingly seeking exposure to bitcoin following the recent months-long price rally. Bitcoin exchange-traded products are seeing record trading volumes. Meanwhile, more big banks are reportedly trying to get into the crypto space, including Goldman Sachs. High Demand for Bitcoin and Crypto Products With the price of bitcoin rapidly rising over recent months, more […]

IMF Tells Governments: Spend as Much as You Can and Then Spend More

The head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has called on countries worldwide to spend as much as they can and then spend more. She admitted that this is a “very unusual” policy for the IMF but it is needed to revive economies. Many people are interpreting her statement as very bullish for bitcoin. IMF […]

Dollar-Cost Averaging Crypto Profits: Low-Risk Bitcoin Investing Without All the Stress

Bitcoin prices and a number of other digital assets have grown significantly in value during the last decade. Some people have made millions and even billions throwing down everything they have during the cryptocurrency’s earliest days of price discovery. However, there’s another method of investing called dollar-cost averaging or DCA, a scheme that’s considered far […]

Pre-Register Now on Aladdin Exchange to Receive 100 TNC Coins

PRESS RELEASE. UAE-based crypto exchange Aladdin opens its platform for pre-registered users. This digital asset exchange is the newest one in the cryptocurrency market. As part of its pre-launching event, the Aladdin Exchange team invites everyone to pre-register and refer people to join the crypto exchange before its official launching. By doing the pre-registration and […]

Paypal to Earn $2 Billion in Revenue From Its Bitcoin Business, Says Analyst

Mizuho Securities analyst Don Dolev has forecast that Paypal will earn up to $2 billion in revenue from its bitcoin business by 2023. This year, he expects that the payment giant’s overall revenue will climb 20%. Dolev says there has been a “dramatic increase in engagement due to crypto,” with 50% of Paypal crypto users […]

Polkadot Flips XRP to Become the Fourth-Ranked Crypto After Price Spikes 100% in Less Than a Week

Dot, the native token of the Polkadot network, has flipped XRP to become the fourth-ranked token after its price rallied by more than 40% in just 24 hours. Since January 11, the token has now gone up by more than 100% to set a new all-time high (ATH) of $18.06 on January 16. With its […]

India Seizes Bitcoins Worth $1.2 Million From Hacker of Government Website and Crypto Exchanges

Indian police have seized $1.2 million in bitcoin from a hacker who allegedly hacked a government website, online game portals, and cryptocurrency exchanges. He was previously arrested for stealing $1.5 million from an Indian state government. Indian Police Seize Bitcoins From Hacker The Bengaluru Central Crime Branch (CCB) Police have revealed that bitcoins worth Rs […]

Gold Exceeds U.S. Dollars in Russia’s Reserves as Putin Focuses on De-Dollarization

Russia is now holding more gold than U.S. dollars in its reserves for the first time, according to the latest report by Russia’s central bank. Russian President Vladimir Putin has made de-dollarization his country’s key policy to reduce the Russian economy’s exposure to the U.S. dollar amid heavy sanctions. Russia Now Has More Gold in […]

Swiss Stock Exchange’s Crypto Trading Volume Soars — Hits Record $1.2 Billion

Switzerland’s principal stock exchange has revealed that its crypto trading volume hit a record high of CHF 1.1 billion ($1.23 billion) in 2020. The exchange now offers 34 exchange-traded products, allowing investors “access to 100 different crypto products trading on our platform,” said the exchange’s head of markets. Crypto Trading Volume on Switzerland’s Stock Exchange […]

IMF Says Only 23% of Central Banks Can Legally Issue Digital Currencies

Researchers at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have examined the central bank laws of 174 IMF members to answer the question of whether a digital currency is really money. They found that of all the central banks studied, only about 23%, or 40 central banks, “are legally allowed to issue digital currencies.” IMF Explores if […]