Bitcoin – an increasingly desirable asset as it becomes rarer
Bitcoin – an increasingly desirable asset as it becomes rarer

After the unexpected increase at the end of 2017, at almost $ 20,000 in the value of a bitcoin, there was a real frenzy regarding it, more and more people want to invest in this cryptocurrency with some special features compared to fiat. Admittedly, the result was its sharp and rapid devaluation, now at a rate well below half compared to April.


Things you didn’t know about Ethereum
Things you didn’t know about Ethereum

You may have heard of Ethereum before and wondered what it is. It is a type of cryptocurrency platform that has been developed since 2013. The Ethereum platform is “open source”, so it is available to the public. It is based on the “blockchain” method and differs from Bitcoin in several aspects, such as block generation time, economic model, payment methods. In Ethereum, new blocks appear in 14-15 seconds, while in the Bitcoin ...


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COVID-19 impact on the blockchain market

COVID-19 impact on the blockchain market is rather pleasant. IoT is another area boosting after COVID-19. COVID-19 is boosting overall digital economy. The COVID-19 impact on the blockchain market is supposedly rather pleasant than the various other walks of professional life. The combination of a systemic ledger technology aka Blockchain and Internet-of-Things (IoT) functionality of […]

Crypto trust and security issues adamant despite blockchain adoption

Crypto trust and security issues continue to be a challenge. Cryptocurrency adoption has increased many fold but issues remain. Deloitte survey expands on the accuracy of the situation. Blockchain technology steadily grows into business portfolios as a recognizable strength and implementable solution to many growth hindering obstacles. The past year proved Blockchain to be not […]

Daniel Masters is for blockchain against banking

JP Morgan’s Daniels Masters believes in the power of blockchain against banking. Blockchain is quickly replacing and innovating various areas across the globe. So far, supply chain and governance are the major areas after finance. Crypto influencers have been banking on the idea of working outside the centralized traditional monetary realms, however, the truth is […]

Paypal crypto integration poses ethical risks

Paypal crypto integration is against the basic crypto ethos. The ethical risks involve giving up the liberty. Cryptocurrency stands for anonymity and free peer-to-peer trade. Extending its services to include cryptocurrency transactions, PayPal is expected to join the crypto bandwagon by early 2021. The US-based digital payment network will allow customers to deal with a […]

Projects driving cryptocurrency adoption

Cryptocurrency adoption is increasing day by day in the post-COVID-19 world. Different projects are propelling cryptocurrency adoption in their own way. Cryptocurrency is going to hit big in the year 2020. The digital space in 2020 has been bombarded with more and more additions to the rapidly evolving crypto trade.  With Bitcoin hitting never before […]

Monero price prediction: XMR to reach $161, analyst

Monero price prediction strong for $161. Monero price finds support at $134. Strong resistance found at the $140 mark. The Monero price prediction by Trade Wai suggests that the price will move towards the $160 mark next. The cryptocurrency observed an uptrend towards the $138 level on the 26th of October. 1-Day Monero price analysis […]

Blockchain tracking mangoes from farm to supermarket

Blockchain tracking mangoes is the latest trend in the supply chain. The smart supply chain has been in pilot for 2.5 years. Mangoes are produced on Australian farms. Co-financed by Cooperative Research Centre for Developing Northern Australia (CRCNA) and crypto experts Trust Provenance, mango producer Manbulloo and industry group Growcom the distinct and innovative tracking […]

Paypal spark fury and accusations of “Crypto Gambling”

Nobel-prize winner, and noted cryptocurrency critic Nouriel Roubini, today unleashed a furious tirade against Paypal over their decision to support cryptocurrencies. Roubini claims the move will be damaging to Paypal’s customer base. Roubini’s Twitter account shared an article written by David Gerard, another fervent critic of cryptocurrency. In the article, David accuses them of “crypto […]

Bitcoin keeping Nigerian protests alive

Feminist Coalition, the dominant donation receiver for the strikes against SAR, discovered Bitcoin as their significant funding source by the 22nd of October 2020. The EndSARs march against police brutality, specifically, the Special Anti Robbery Squad, known for being violent, is attracting thousands in Nigeria. The digital currency had contributed to 40% of the $387,000 […]

Japanese firms digitize documents with the use of blockchain

Seven firms in Japan plan to digitize their files using a blockchain management system. The involved firms are looking to initiate the new programme by the close of the present fiscal year. Japanese news agency, The Nikkei reported today on 26th October that seven of its country’s firms are planning to venture into a new […]