Earn passive income, without investing

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25 October 09:19 PM / 1 month ago

Hello KryptoGators,

We added option to create a simple sites list where you can add your referral links and share it easy on the internet.

Now with this option, you dont need to run a faucet or slwall and invest your coins to earn back, you simply share your links on internet and earn referral commission + ADS earnings
Go to My apps , select your app , and activate the Sites List. Then go to Sections > Sites list > Edit , and you will find a button to add sites/referral links
The list will be available at https://your_app.kryptogator.com/list (or earncrypto.space|crypto4.fun) Demo Sites List

In general tab of your app, we added a new option, to select the Main Page (App Index). This way you can select if you want :
Main Page - default - first page of your app will display all the active sections.
Faucet / slwall / sitelist - will redirect the members from first page to one you selected.

We plan to add more templates and redesign the pages for faucet/slwall/sitelist sections of the apps

A small gift : october25

Remember to react and earn .

- react and rate articles posted in news or articles sections and you will get ALY tokens; You will receive 7 ALY for every reaction/rating .
Rules :
The reactions must be posted every 1hour+ AND on a unique article every day
Every day , you will be paid for 10 reactions.
You will not receive a reward if you react on same article more times per day.

How to react ? go to news or articles, select an article, at the end of the article you have an button Rate & Add Reaction, click on it, wait timer, select your rating and send your reaction.

Stay strong and good luck!