Few small updates

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03 June 09:57 AM / 5 months ago

Hello KryptoGators,

We made few changes .
For all members :
- new ptc section , where you can earn some ALY. You can find it in Offerswall section
- a simplified Top apps page (when will be more apps we will ad dmore options in top).
- an intern faucet. Is like an normal faucet but the reward is added to a pending balance and you can claim when you pass all steps and few requirements. Keep in mind the progress will reset every night (server time UTC+2 ) so you need to claim this balance before.You can find it in Top menu > Earn ALY > Claim.

For App Owners
- in slwall section : you can add now 10 links per app (previously 10 per account)
- some work in backend
Stay strong and good luck!