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11 April 05:59 PM / 7 months ago

Hello and welcome on KryptoGator,
First let me thank for your time for joining this new project.
What is Kryptogator? We like to see it as a fully community driven project, where you can build your own app (faucet/slwall) and earn crypto together.
During this bad period we must be more united than ever.
On KryptoGator you can create own faucet and earn from ads (more ways soon) or claim from other faucets .
What is ALY token ? Our intern token, 10000 ALY ~ 1$, it may vary depend on revenues and will be available for withdraw in 1week +
Next Plans :
For App Owners
- create a shortlink wall (as you saw on the old and legendary sites: freebitcoin.win, faucetcrypto.com, firefaucet.win, freebcc.org)
- new and MORE COOL templates
- faucet list - to buil your own referral list
For all members :
- new ways to earn

Stay strong and good luck!